Thursday, May 21, 2020

ConstEdit Word Processor 1.4.1 is available

This is mainly a bug-fixing update :

  • Fixed. Pasting a copied or cut Figure element no longer needs to be done at an empty paragraph.
  • Fixed. Pasting a copied or cut Section no longer makes its numbering disappears.
  • Fixed. Pasting html text (i.e. not via Paste Plain Text) inside a Figure (but outside of its caption) no longer breaks up the element.
  • Fixed. Auto-capitalization now works correctly at positions immediately after text that is style formatted.
  • Fixed. Previously, inserting an image/video/audio inside a Figure breaks up the element in some cases.
  • Changed. Initial text description in a newly inserted Figure is changed.
  • Changed. Video/Audio elements inside a Figure now have a default width of 100%. The width style property is specified in all newly generated CSS stylesheets.
    • You need to regenerate your customized stylesheets from the extension in order to make use of the new width property.