Tuesday, November 22, 2016

ConstEdit is updated to 2.6.1

ConstEdit is now at 2.6.1. The changelog is as follows :

  1. The "Open To Browse" option now opens the read-only copy at the same working position as the document that is being edited. This provides more convenience of making references to the read-only copy.
    • Note that if the current document that is being edited has unsaved changes, there may be discrepancy in the opening position due to the unsaved changes.
  2. Auto-capitalization is now able to handle the first word in quoted text (e.g. dialogues), which is at a sentence-begin.
    • Quoted text is identified by the app as text that immediately follows a double quotation mark " or an apostrophe '.
    • Note that the left and right double quotation marks “” are not handled by the app.