Tuesday, May 7, 2019

ConstEdit Word Processor 1.3.4 is available

Changes in this update :

  • Added : validation to ensure that "Allow Access To File URLs" is enabled for the extension (right-click on Chrome main toolbar extension button > Manage Extensions).
  • Changed : minor enhancement to auto-capitalization to handle some more cases.
  • Fixed : a single mouse click at the extension button on the main toolbar is now able to pop up the options items successfully in all cases. Formerly, a second click was necessary to bring up the popup when the extension was suspended after a certain period of inactivity.
  • Fixed : a minor bug.

Monday, February 25, 2019

ConstEdit Word Processor is updated to 1.3.3

This is an error-fixing release.

  • Fixed : Fixed an error in the popup when the extension icon is clicked. The Recent Files list was erased in some cases.
  • Fixed : Spell-checking was not enabled successfully in some cases.
  • Fixed : Options Page of the extension failed to set up the standard css stylesheet successfully into the Download Folder of the browser. This issue was found since a recent update of Chrome web-browser.

Monday, January 7, 2019

ConstEdit Word Processor is updated to 1.3.2

This update includes the following changes :

  • Changed : in Remove All Paragraph Styles, all inline styles of the current paragraph and its sub-paragraphs are now removed, instead of just the currently selected paragraph. 
  • Changed : auto-capitalization is now able to capitalize compound words such as up-to-date and long-term. 
  • Changed : "mr" and "mrs" are added to auto-convert-from in Options Page mapping to "Mr." and "Mrs." respectively. Note that this only applies to new users of the extension. The Options Page of current users are not affected. 
  • Removed : the function with the shortcut key ctrl+shift+F3 to cycle through title-, upper- and lower-case for the current word is removed. 
  • Added : a new function to capitalize the first word of the current sentence is provided with the shortcut key ctrl+shift+F3, in the Text drop-down menu. 
  • Fixed : some shortcut keys were incorrectly disabled if auto-capitalization and auto-convert were both disabled.