Sunday, July 21, 2013

ConstEdit v1.10.0100 is here.

ConstEdit is upgraded to version 1.10.0100. A standard Windows installer is now used for a complete hassle-free installation. Please download for a free trial.

You may need to manually remove the older version of ConstEdit which doesn't use an installer.

- a Windows installer is provided
- ConstEdit is no longer portable; each user now has his/her own set of application settings (e.g. recent files list) that are not shared with other users
- the latest version of VgrSoft ILProtector v2.0.5 is used
- "Add Shortcut to Desktop" item in Settings Menu is removed because a Desktop shortcut is already automatically added by the installer
- ConstEdit can now be started from a non-local disk
- some very minor change of wordings in the EULA