Wednesday, July 10, 2019

ConstEdit Word Processor is updated to 1.3.5

This is a bug-fixing release with some cosmetic changes.

  • Fixed : the extension popup from the web-browser toolbar did not function correctly for certain uri's of the website in the current tab.
  • Changed : background color of the main editing toolbar and of the Inline Styles Dialog toolbar are changed to better match with the black theme of Chrome.
  • Fixed : the width of the text input area in Comment Dialog could be dragged beyond the maximum width of the dialog itself.
  • Issue : a document opened in ConstEdit for editing, can be rendered with a different Font and Font Size from those when the same document is opened in a tab for normal browsing.
    • This issue is caused by a bug of the web-browser, in which a font style is injected into an html document unnecessarily by Chrome, when the document is opened in an extension.
      • Note that this bug does not affect the normal ConstEdit editing actions and does not have any impact on the document content.
      • If Font Family and Font Size are not specified in the document and also not specified in the external stylesheets used in the document (which means that the default web-browser font-size should be used), the injected font style will override the default font settings at Chrome Settings > Appearance > Font.
      • In Windows, the injected font style is always Segoe UI with Font Size 75%.
      • No font style is injected by Chrome when the same document is opened in a web-browser tab for normal browsing.
    • Work-around. While we haven't found any means to stop the web-browser from injecting the font style, the rendering of documents can be made the same in the extension and in normal browsing.
      • This is done by specifying a Font Family and a Font Size in the external stylesheets used by the documents. The Font Family and Font Size specified in external stylesheets will override the injected font style.
      • Changed :  the Startup Base Stylesheet and Stylesheets 1 to 4 in the Design Html Stylesheets function of ConstEdit now sets the Font Size of "Document" element to 1em, i.e. to use the default Font Size. Font Family is not set though.
        • In Windows, when you use Design Html Stylesheets to design new stylesheets, if your desired Font Family is not Segoe UI, you have to specify explicitly the font for the "Document" element, even though it may have already been set in Chrome Settings > Appearance > Font.
      • Recommended actions if you have already generated some external stylesheets from Design Html Stylesheets and if you have not specified any Font Family or Font Size for the "Document" element in the stylesheets : 
        • ConstEdit > Design Style Sheet > Import and select your stylesheet > select "Document" element > Font > specify the desired Font and the Font Size (1em to use the web-browser default size) > Save.