Tuesday, November 22, 2016

ConstEdit is updated to 2.6.1

ConstEdit is now at 2.6.1. The changelog is as follows :

  1. The "Open To Browse" option now opens the read-only copy at the same working position as the document that is being edited. This provides more convenience of making references to the read-only copy.
    • Note that if the current document that is being edited has unsaved changes, there may be discrepancy in the opening position due to the unsaved changes.
  2. Auto-capitalization is now able to handle the first word in quoted text (e.g. dialogues), which is at a sentence-begin.
    • Quoted text is identified by the app as text that immediately follows a double quotation mark " or an apostrophe '.
    • Note that the left and right double quotation marks “” are not handled by the app.

Monday, August 22, 2016

ConstEdit 2.6 is here

ConstEdit v2.6 is released. The changelog is as follows :

  • The bundled XULRunner is upgraded to v41.0.
  • Text on toolbars no longer look blurry and distorted. They are now rendered normally at all application window widths.
  • You can now click on the icon at the left hand side of any toolbar to hide it.
  • Translate button is removed from the Text toolbar, and placed into the context menu (right-click menu). The Translate Language is set up through a new item in the Settings Menu.
  • The title of the current section is now shown in the mouse-over tooltip of the Go-to-section button in the Find And Replace Toolbar.  
  • In previous versions, there is a limitation that links to resources, which are specified in element inline style properties (e.g. background image), are not converted to relative even though the Use Relative Links checkbox in File Menu is checked. Absolute links are always used for links within inline styles. This limitation is now fixed. Links in inline styles are converted in accordance with the Use Relative Links setting.
  • Resizing of objects such as tables, images and figures can now be undone and redone with one single step. Previously, numerous undo or redo steps must be taken in order to revert back to the desired state.
  • Bug fixed. The Font Size buttons on Text Toolbar have stopped working since v2.5. They are now replaced by a single Font Size button for you to apply a relative font size to the selected text.
  • Several minor bugs are also fixed.
  • The User Guide has been updated to reflect all the above changes.
  • The End User License Agreement EULA is changed to update on the download link of XULRunner.

New license fee

Starting from this version, the license fee for using the app for business purposes is revised to US$50 per computer.

Monday, May 16, 2016

ConstEdit 2.5.6 is here

ConstEdit v2.5.6 is now available. The changelog is provided here :

  1. When inserting a new section in Sections Outline View Dialog, a message box prompting for the new section title will be displayed first. The new section will then be inserted with the specified title. Previously there was no message box, and the app default standard section title was always used for the new section.
  2. The Quick-Text functionality is decommissioned, because the same convenience can also be achieved by defining your quick-text in Auto-Convert Mapping.
    • If you have already defined your quick-text into ConstEdit, you will need to manually re-define these into Auto-Convert Mapping. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. 
    • Please note that because Auto-Convert Mapping is only for html documents, there is no quick-text replacement function for plain text files.
  3. The Auto-Capitalization algorithm has been enhanced to handle cases with Chinese punctuations.  
  4. The Erase All Table Styles function is enhanced so that
    • If there are no table-cells being selected, all inline styles for the table together with all of its child table elements will all be erased. This is the same treatment as in previous versions.
    • If there are selected table cells, then only the inline styles of these table cells will be erased.
  5. The Erase All Font Styles function is enhanced so that
    • If there are no table-cells being selected, all font styles of the currently selected text will be erased.
    • If there are selected table cells, then the font styles of all text inside the selected table cells will be erased. 
  6. Bugs fixed,
    • For Delete action in Sections Outline View Dialog, you can now choose to cancel the action in the warning message box. Formerly, there is no option to cancel.
    • In some rare situations, Paste action was not performed successfully.
    • In some rare situations, with the caret being placed at the beginning of a word, the Convert Case action was not performed successfully for the word.
    • Toggle Alternating Row Color did not cause the document to be flagged as Modified.
    • The app could terminate abnormally at start-up, when there were other apps starting up and there were keyboard inputs from another app at the same time.
    • Auto-Select for Cut and Copy selected the whole table when the caret was inside a table caption or inside a table cell. Only the text of the table caption or the table cell is now selected. Auto-Select works for Cut and Copy to automatically select the current paragraph if no text is being selected.

Please get it from the download page.

Monday, February 15, 2016

ConstEdit 2.5.5

ConstEdit v2.5.5 is now available. The changelog is listed here :

  • The border of the editor panel now displays a drop-shadow visual effect to make it feel more like typing on a piece of paper. This applies to both html documents and plain text files.
  • The Insert Table Row function now inserts the new row AFTER the current row. Previously the new row is inserted before the current one, which is less natural. A similar change is applied to the Insert Table Column function.
  • Previously, it might not be possible to delete table rows in some rare occasions. This is now fixed.
  • Several minor bugs are fixed. 
  • The user guide is updated according to the changes.
  • The digital signature of ConstEdit is updated to using SHA256; previously it is SHA1.
    • This is in accordance with an upgrade of the security policy in Windows.
    • As a result of the signature change, a warning message may be prompted from Windows to the installer during installation.

Please go to the download page to get it.

drop-shadow in ConstEdit html editor panel
drop-shadow in ConstEdit html editor panel

drop-shadow in ConstEdit plain-text editor panel
drop-shadow in ConstEdit plain-text editor panel

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year

Wish you all a prosperous year of the monkey.

A new update of ConstEdit will be launched shortly after Chinese New Year.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

ConstEdit update 2.5.2

ConstEdit v2.5.2 is now available. The changelog is here :

  • A new button is added to the Text Toolbar of html to facilitate translating the currently selected text with Google Translate. (Google Translate is a registered trademark of Google Inc.) The selected text is passed to the Google Translate webpage through your default browser, to translate to the specified language of your choice.
  • The user guide is updated accordingly.
  • Several minor bugs are fixed. 

Please go to the download page to get it.

Monday, October 5, 2015

ConstEdit Update 2.5.1

ConstEdit v2.5.1 is now available. This is a bug-fixing release.

Changelog :

  • When starting up from the send-to shortcut generated by the app, the app window did not follow the last window state. The send-to shortcut was incorrectly configured to always maximize. You need to choose the option "Add Shortcut To Send-To" again to rectify the issue. The old shortcut will be overwritten by the newly-generated one.
  • When "Launch Linked Target" was chosen from the context menu (right-click menu) for a hyperlink, the app used Internet Explorer regardlessly to open the link. The app now uses the default web-browser of the system to open the link instead of hardcoding to using IE.
  • Several minor bugs are also fixed. 

Please go to the download page to get it.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

ConstEdit 2.5 is here

ConstEdit is now compatible with Windows 10 and has no dependency on Internet Explorer

  1. Starting from this release, ConstEdit no longer has any dependency on Internet Explorer. ConstEdit now runs on any versions of Windows that have Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 installed. If you are on Windows 7, you may need to download and update to Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 first. If you have Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, the minimum requirement is already satisfied.
  2. ConstEdit is tested to be completely compatible with Windows 10.
  3. The bundled XULRunner runtime is upgraded from version 31 to (the same rendering engine as Firefox 38).
  4. Design Html StyleSheet Dialog
    • "Import" functions are now done with XULRunner completely. This is to get rid of the dependency on Internet Explorer.
    • The dialog initial start-up styles settings have some changes
      • The "page-break-inside" property for Figure element is set to "avoid" (do not perform any page break inside the element during printing).
      • The "margin" property for Image element is set to "0.1em".
    • The "page-break-inside" style property item is now enabled for Figure element.
    • The four bundled css stylesheets (ConstEditCss1~4.css) are changed and regenerated :
      • The "page-break-inside" property for Figure element is set to "avoid" (do not perform any page break inside the element during printing).
      • The "margin" property for Image element is set to "0.1em".
    • Fixed a bug where the auto-numbering of sections / figure caption / table caption could not be enabled successfully after the option "Import from Css" or "Import from Scratch" is selected.
  5. Bugs fixed
    • The app crashed occasionally during start-up when the system was very busy.
    • In some situations, after a close file action was performed, the input focus was not put back to the application successfully.
    • The text that was displayed in the pop-up tooltip of comments were truncated in some cases. The text that is saved with the comments is correct though.
    • The app was unable to retrieve the right-clicked comment properly in some cases. As a result, the comment was not shown in the context menu.
  6. Minor enhancements
    • The app start-up performance is mildly optimized.
    • The maximum length of text in a comment is increased from 350 to 500.
  7. The download link is changed.

ConstEdit listing in Windows Store

Due to a recent decision by Microsoft to terminate the support of all desktop apps in Windows Store, ConstEdit will not be listed in Windows 10 Store and there will be no more updating in Windows 8.x Store. The version of ConstEdit that is listed in Windows 8.x Store will remain unchanged at v2.0.1 and will still be active until June 30, 2016, as we have been notified.