Thursday, July 16, 2020

ConstEdit Word Processor is updated to 1.4.2

The following issues have been fixed in this update :
  • Fixed : On non-Windows platforms (e.g. Linux), the default location of the Standard Stylesheet is not shown on the Standard Stylesheet Location textbox successfully in the initial display of the Options Page.
  • Fixed : On non-Windows platforms (e.g. Linux), the Download Status Bar of Chrome is not hidden successfully, after performing a save action; the save action itself is totally ok though.
  • Fixed : In Design HTML Stylesheets, font-family and font-size style properties of the "body" element cannot be imported successfully from the selected stylesheet.
  • Fixed : The shortcut key for converting the selected words to title-case is changed from Ctrl+Shift+U to Ctrl+Shift+F2. This is to avoid clashing with a system shortcut key in some non-Windows platforms (e.g. Linux).

Thursday, May 21, 2020

ConstEdit Word Processor 1.4.1 is available

This is mainly a bug-fixing update :

  • Fixed. Pasting a copied or cut Figure element no longer needs to be done at an empty paragraph.
  • Fixed. Pasting a copied or cut Section no longer makes its numbering disappears.
  • Fixed. Pasting html text (i.e. not via Paste Plain Text) inside a Figure (but outside of its caption) no longer breaks up the element.
  • Fixed. Auto-capitalization now works correctly at positions immediately after text that is style formatted.
  • Fixed. Previously, inserting an image/video/audio inside a Figure breaks up the element in some cases.
  • Changed. Initial text description in a newly inserted Figure is changed.
  • Changed. Video/Audio elements inside a Figure now have a default width of 100%. The width style property is specified in all newly generated CSS stylesheets.
    • You need to regenerate your customized stylesheets from the extension in order to make use of the new width property.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

ConstEdit Word Processor 1.4 is available

This update regroups some of the menu items to simplify the main toolbar, and also delivers quite a few fixes and enhancements.

  • Added. Added new shortcut keys for "Toggle Paragraphs Into Bulleted List Items" (Ctrl+Comma), "Toggle Paragraphs Into Numbered List Items" (Ctrl+Period), "Set The Selected Words To Titlecase" (Ctrl+Shift+U).
  • Changed. Image, Audio, Video and Figure menu items are merged under a single menu.
  • Changed. Link, Footnote, Bookmark menu items are merged under a single menu.
  • Changed. Comment menu items are moved to Text Menu.
  • Changed. The labels on some Section / Paragraph / Table / Figure menu items have been changed.
  • Changed. Section Menu is merged with Doc Menu, with the menu items sequence rearranged
    in the merged Doc and Section Menu.
  • Changed. Sections Structure Dialog button on the main toolbar is moved to the merged Doc and Section Menu.
  • Changed. Sections Structure Dialog window is now slightly translucent so as not to totally obscure the doc content underneath the dialog window.
  • Fixed. Issue : in Sections Structure Dialog, the doc content underneath the dialog window may not scroll successfully to the processed section in some cases.
  • Fixed. Issue : the outline numbering of sub-sections could become incorrect in some cases after the doc sections structure is changed. The fix forces a re-counting and refreshes the numbering to their correct values after each section structuring action.
    • Note that this fix may not work as expected if the numbering is done through a non-ConstEdit stylesheet.
  • Changed. "Copy Current Section" menu item is moved from Section Menu to Sections Structure Dialog. The option now copies the current section and then inserts the copied section as a new section right after the current one as its next sibling. The option no longer copies the current section to clipboard.
  • Changed. The behavior of text selection by "word" is changed in Chrome 80. As a result, the behaviors of these editing shortcuts are changed : Ctrl+Left / Right and Ctrl+Del. This change of Chrome actually is an improvement, providing more convenience in editing actions on "words".
  • Fixed. Issue : as a direct result of the above-mentioned change in "word" behavior, Auto-Capitalization and Auto-Convert actions for words immediately followed by a punctuation mark was not performed. This fix caters for the new behavior.
  • Changed. Some minor improvements are implemented to Auto-Capitalization, making it slightly more intelligent than before.
  • Changed. "Sentence Case" is enhanced to capitalize for the first non-capitalized sentence before the current input position, within the current paragraph. Previously only the current sentence is processed. Performance of the action is also improved.
  • Fixed. Issue : "Convert Url's To Relative" is not done totally correctly for "encoded" Url's (for example "Space" is represented as "%20" rather than the normal Space character) as in images, audios, videos, and links to local files in the document.
    • Unencoded Url's and converting from relative to absolute are totally ok with the function.
    • The resulting erroneous relative Url's are not in their shortest form, but they will still work correctly as long as the document is not moved to another location in your local disk.
    • Remedy to clean up these erroneous relative Url's in your documents.
      • If you suspect any document be affected by this error, you can simply open the doc in the original location in ConstEdit > perform the "Convert Url's" function with "Relative" disabled > perform the function again with "Relative" enabled. That is to say, convert those relative Url's to absolute and then back again.
      • The "Convert Url's" function is now able to rectify these encoded Url's while doing the conversion.
    • Why there are encoded Url's. All Url's are unencoded when freshly created or changed in ConstEdit. They however are converted to absolute encoded Url's (done by Chrome automatically) whenever the corresponding html elements (image, audio, video, link to local files) are pasted into the doc, following any cut / copy / drag-and-drop actions.
  • Fixed. Issue : a stylesheet is injected by Chrome into the ConstEdit extension with unknown reason. This is a bug of the web-browser. The injected stylesheet will override the default font-size and font-family, as in Chrome Settings > Appearance > Font Size and Customized Font.
    • This is the same issue as discussed in our v1.3.5 update : This fix provides a better workaround, which is to set both the Font-Family and Font-Size property values to their defaults in the external stylesheets used by the documents. The Font-Family and Font-Size specified in external stylesheets will override the injected font styles. 
    • Changed : Startup Base Stylesheet, Stylesheets 1 to 4 and any stylesheets generated from the Design Html Stylesheets function now sets the Font-Size and Font-Family of the "Document" element to "initial" as their base values, i.e. to their default property values.
    • Recommended actions. If you have already generated some stylesheets from Design Html Stylesheets in previous versions of ConstEdit, in which you have not specified any setting for the Font-Family or Font-Size for the "Document" element, you are suggested to perform these actions : ConstEdit > Design Html StyleSheets > Import and select your stylesheet > nothing needs to be changed > Save.
  • Fixed. Issue : clicking on internet links in the Design Html Stylesheets function could result in a navigation error. The end user is in fact not supposed to navigate to the internet from inside the function. The Design Html Stylesheets function now ignores any clicking on internet links. You can still follow these internet links through right-clicking to get the Chrome context-menu.

Friday, February 28, 2020

New Update Pending Review

Please note that an update of ConstEdit Word Processor is ready to be implemented. The extension is now submitted for review by Chrome Web Store before it can be published. Our Chrome Web Store Page is therefore not available at the moment while the review is pending. The page will come back again once the review is completed. Thank you for your attention.

Update 4th March 2020 : The extension has been verified and approved by Google, and our Chrome Web Store page is now available again.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

ConstEdit Word Processor is updated to 1.3.7

Here are the changes of this update :

  • Fixed and Changed. Since Chrome 78, the filename extension of the auto-backup file from the Auto-Save action is changed by Chrome automatically from the default ".htm_backup" to ".html". This fix sets the auto-saved filename to the original filename. No more suffix is appended to the extension part of the filename.
    • Note that, as a result of the change, if you are keeping your documents in the Download Folder of Chrome, your original documents will be over-written without any warnings by the Auto-Save action.
  • Fixed. The paragraph containing the last input position of the last editing session is designed to be selected automatically when the document is reopened the next time. In previous versions, an incorrect paragraph may be highlighted in some cases.
  • Changed. Auto-capitalization is enhanced to handle some more cases.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Pending Review from Chrome Web Store

Because of a new security measure from Chrome Web Store, ConstEdit is now undergoing a review by Google. Our page in Chrome Web Store will not be available until the review is completed, which may take few days.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

02/Dec update : The review is now completed. Our page in Chrome Web Store is up again.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

ConstEdit Word Processor update 1.3.6 is available

Changes with this update :

  • Added : a new option in the Text Menu to get the font, font size, font color and font background color of the text at the current input position. These font styles values are then saved as the last-used values in the corresponding buttons of the Text Menu, for more convenience of reusing the styles at a later time in the same editing session. This is similar to the copy-and-paste of text formatting in traditional word processors.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

ConstEdit Word Processor is updated to 1.3.5

This is a bug-fixing release with some cosmetic changes.

  • Fixed : the extension popup from the web-browser toolbar did not function correctly for certain uri's of the website in the current tab.
  • Changed : background color of the main editing toolbar and of the Inline Styles Dialog toolbar are changed to better match with the black theme of Chrome.
  • Fixed : the width of the text input area in Comment Dialog could be dragged beyond the maximum width of the dialog itself.
  • Issue : a document opened in ConstEdit for editing, can be rendered with a different Font and Font Size from those when the same document is opened in a tab for normal browsing.
    • This issue is caused by a bug of the web-browser, in which a font style is injected into an html document unnecessarily by Chrome, when the document is opened in an extension.
      • Note that this bug does not affect the normal ConstEdit editing actions and does not have any impact on the document content.
      • If Font Family and Font Size are not specified in the document and also not specified in the external stylesheets used in the document (which means that the default web-browser font-size should be used), the injected font style will override the default font settings at Chrome Settings > Appearance > Font.
      • In Windows, the injected font style is always Segoe UI with Font Size 75%.
      • No font style is injected by Chrome when the same document is opened in a web-browser tab for normal browsing.
    • Work-around. While we haven't found any means to stop the web-browser from injecting the font style, the rendering of documents can be made the same in the extension and in normal browsing.
      • This is done by specifying a Font Family and a Font Size in the external stylesheets used by the documents. The Font Family and Font Size specified in external stylesheets will override the injected font style.
      • Changed :  the Startup Base Stylesheet and Stylesheets 1 to 4 in the Design Html Stylesheets function of ConstEdit now sets the Font Size of "Document" element to 1em, i.e. to use the default Font Size. Font Family is not set though.
        • In Windows, when you use Design Html Stylesheets to design new stylesheets, if your desired Font Family is not Segoe UI, you have to specify explicitly the font for the "Document" element, even though it may have already been set in Chrome Settings > Appearance > Font.
      • Recommended actions if you have already generated some external stylesheets from Design Html Stylesheets and if you have not specified any Font Family or Font Size for the "Document" element in the stylesheets : 
        • ConstEdit > Design Style Sheet > Import and select your stylesheet > select "Document" element > Font > specify the desired Font and the Font Size (1em to use the web-browser default size) > Save.