Monday, May 10, 2021

ConstEdit Word Processor is updated to 3.1

Changelog of this update : 

  • Fixed. The toolbar user interface ui was affected by the injected stylesheet issue of Chrome web-browser.
    • As a result of the fix, the font size on the ui now looks bigger than before, but agrees with the web-browser settings.
  • Fixed. Inline Styles Dialog position was shifted downward, obscuring some doc content.
  • Fixed. Selecting "default" option in Paragraph > List Style did not have any effect.
  • Changed. Text > Symbols Page is reorganized, and new symbols / emojis have been added.
    • Note that the symbols / emojis may look different from font to font.
  • Changed. Cosmetic changes to the user interface.
  • Changed. References to the Background Page of the extension from other pages are removed. Startup performance of the extension is slightly improved.
  • Added. Auto-Hyphenation for paragraphs is added to Design Html Stylesheets and Inline Styles Dialog.
    • Note that the feature seems to be effective only with English.
  • Added. New Paragraph menu options to set the style of the current list / list-item to the specified symbol / emoji, as illustrated in this list-item.
    • Note that the symbols / emojis may look different from font to font.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

ConstEdit Word Processor 3.0.1 is released

This is a bug-fixing update :

  • Fixed. The previous printer symbol used in the ui is not found in certain non-Windows platforms.
  • Changed. Use fixed width for the filename shown on the ui, so that the main menu item positions won't be shifted with different files.
  • Fixed. Filenames without extension are now skipped and won't be included in Recent Files.
  • Fixed. After performing Convert To Abs/Rel Url, the css pathname as shown in the Doc Stylesheet ui tooltip should be updated immediately.
  • Fixed. Very minor cosmetic changes to the ui.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

ConstEdit Word Processor 3.0 is available

In this upgrade, all file input / output actions are totally revamped. The "Downloads" api is no longer used and is replaced by the new File System Access api which enables saving files directly to the local disk without going through the Downloads Folder.

  • Changed. Open File, Recent Files, Save File, Save As File, Close File options have been rewritten to use the File System Access api for input / output operations directly from / to the local disk.
    • Ctrl+s shortcut key is provided to save the current document to the local disk immediately without going through any dialog.
  • Changed. The extension now requires Chrome 86 or above. The latest version as of this time is 88. There will be no issue if you are following the upgrade of your web-browser normally.
  • Changed. There can be only 1 editor tab with only 1 opened document, and only 1 Html Stylesheets Dialog tab.
  • Changed. For security reasons, as a result of switching to the File System Access api, these aspects of working with the word processor is affected :
    • You will be prompted by the web-browser to grant the permission for editing during the opening of all html documents.
    • The word processor won't be able to extract any local URL info from the opened documents. This lacking of URL info results in the following limitations :
      • Links with relative URLs are no longer supported; e.g. images with relative links won't be displayed successfully.
        • But because all links as inserted by ConstEdit are absolute by default, this limitation would not cause any problem normally, unless you have performed some conversions to relative links deliberately.
        • You may therefore need to make use of the "Convert URL to Absolute / Relative" function to convert all previously converted relative links back to absolute.
      • At the first start up of ConstEdit after this upgrade, you will be prompted with the End User License Agreement notice and all Recent Files records from the previous version will be wiped out.
      • Only file name info will be available in the new Recent Files list, not the full location path. Beware of files with duplicated file names. These files would be treated as the same file by the word processor.
  • Changed. The "Convert URL to Absolute / Relative" function now requires the end user to specify a location URL which the conversion will be based on.
  • Changed. Options Page in Manage Extension is replaced by Options Dialog from the File sub-menu.
  • Removed. Auto-save at regular intervals.
  • Removed. User template for new html documents.
  • Fixed. Some code clean up to improve performance.
  • Fixed. Several minor bugs.

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

ConstEdit Word Processor is now free

ConstEdit 2.0 is available and has become freeware.

  • Changed. ConstEdit is now totally free to use for all purposes. Identity Authentication for license info is no longer performed.
  • Fixed. Some symbols in the Symbols Page were obscured in high resolution screens.
  • Changed. New symbols ℃,℉,🖶 are added to the Symbols Page.
  • Changed. Some cosmetic changes to the User Interface.
  • Added. A new button is added for making donations to support the continued development of the word processor. A new Contribute page is added to this website for accepting such donations.

Many thanks to those who support ConstEdit all along by installing and using the word processor.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

We have deprecated our Facebook page

Please be advised that since April, we have not been able to login to our Facebook page due to an error from our desktop web browser : "The page isn’t redirecting properly. An error occurred during a connection to This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.". The error persists even after relaxing the cookies settings in the web browser. We have therefore decided that it is better to deprecate the page, instead of fiddling with the security settings.

Please check for our future announcements on this website or on our Twitter and Tumblr pages.

ConstEdit Word Processor 1.4.5 is available

This update is mainly about getting around the issues of the web-browser in injecting unnecessary inline text styles :

  1. Fixed. Previously, setting or removing font styles could trigger Chrome to inject inline styles into various places unnecessarily whenever an ancestor block element of the selected text contains font-related inline styles. Though the rendering of the content still looks correct apparently, the injection of inline styles is totally unnecessary, and makes the html code of the document very dirty.
    • The issue is not triggered by font-related styles defined in external CSS stylesheets.
    • These functions are overhauled to get around the issue :  Remove All Text Styles, Apply Text Styles for bold / italic / underline / strike-through / subscript / superscript / font-family / font color / background-color / highlight / font-size.
    • Note that as a result of the change,
      • The above actions are no longer included in the Undo History, i.e. cannot be undone / redone properly.
      • Underline and Strike-through text styles can no longer co-exist. 
      • There is no more toggling action for bold / italic / underline / strike-through / subscript / superscript.
      • Remove All Text Styles is now more aggressive; it erases all the previously applied text styles overlapping with the input position or overlapping with the selected text, i.e. not just limited to the selected text.
  2. Changed. Text style for Font-Size now uses the unit "em" (scale factor to the default size), and supports a much finer and wider range of values than before.
  3. Fixed. Previously, Toggle Bulleted / Numbered List and Indent / Outdent Paragraph actions could trigger Chrome to generate unnecessary Span elements to the text of the paragraph, making the html code of the document very dirty.
    • Indent Paragraph is now good for all selected paragraphs, not only for the one at the input position, as it previously was. 
  4. Fixed. Previously, using Delete key to combine two consecutive paragraphs would trigger Chrome to inject inline styles into the text of the second paragraph unnecessarily. Though the rendering of the content may still look correct apparently, the injection of inline styles is totally unnecessary, and makes the html code of the document very dirty.
  5. Fixed. Auto-convert now works for words in section titles and headings.
  6. Changed. Version no. of the extension is now shown in the tooltip of the company logo at the top-left of the editor.
  7. Fixed. A few other bugs have been fixed.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

ConstEdit Word Processor is updated to 1.4.2

The following issues have been fixed in this update :
  • Fixed : On non-Windows platforms (e.g. Linux), the default location of the Standard Stylesheet is not shown on the Standard Stylesheet Location textbox successfully in the initial display of the Options Page.
  • Fixed : On non-Windows platforms (e.g. Linux), the Download Status Bar of Chrome is not hidden successfully, after performing a save action; the save action itself is totally ok though.
  • Fixed : In Design HTML Stylesheets, font-family and font-size style properties of the "body" element cannot be imported successfully from the selected stylesheet.
  • Fixed : The shortcut key for converting the selected words to title-case is changed from Ctrl+Shift+U to Ctrl+Shift+F2. This is to avoid clashing with a system shortcut key in some non-Windows platforms (e.g. Linux).

Thursday, May 21, 2020

ConstEdit Word Processor 1.4.1 is available

This is mainly a bug-fixing update :

  • Fixed. Pasting a copied or cut Figure element no longer needs to be done at an empty paragraph.
  • Fixed. Pasting a copied or cut Section no longer makes its numbering disappears.
  • Fixed. Pasting html text (i.e. not via Paste Plain Text) inside a Figure (but outside of its caption) no longer breaks up the element.
  • Fixed. Auto-capitalization now works correctly at positions immediately after text that is style formatted.
  • Fixed. Previously, inserting an image/video/audio inside a Figure breaks up the element in some cases.
  • Changed. Initial text description in a newly inserted Figure is changed.
  • Changed. Video/Audio elements inside a Figure now have a default width of 100%. The width style property is specified in all newly generated CSS stylesheets.
    • You need to regenerate your customized stylesheets from the extension in order to make use of the new width property.