Thursday, April 20, 2017

ConstEdit Being Rewritten As An Extension of Google Chrome Web-Browser

Further to our decision to abandon the Firefox rendering engine of Mozilla Foundation, we have made up our mind to jump ship to the Google Chrome web browser. ConstEdit is now being re-written as a Chrome extension, rather than as a standalone program like it has been previously.

The goal of the initial implementation would be to preserve as much functionality and convenience as possible, when compared with the original standalone version. You can expect documents produced by the current version of the editor be fully supported in the future version, as both are using exactly the same html5 format, which is standard across all modern web browsers.

With the present progress, it may be expected that the extension be ready in about four months' time. For the time being, please have a test drive with the standalone version of ConstEdit which can be downloaded from the Download page above.