Friday, July 27, 2018

ConstEdit Word Processor 1.3 is Launched

Changes since the last update :

  • Changed : The user interface has undergone a major overhaul. Auto-drop-down auto-hide sub-menus are implemented to allow for more working space. 
  • Removed : All previous context menu items of ConstEdit have been relocated to the above auto-drop-down sub-menus. The word processor no longer puts any customized items into the default web-browser context menu. 
  • Added : New options to move up/down of section/table/figure through other paragraphs. 
  • Changed : Select Document / Paragraph options are enhanced to Select And Copy Document / Paragraph. 
  • Fixed : Formerly, subscript / superscript text styles options were sometimes ignored.
  • Fixed : Erase All Text Styles option can now remove subscript and superscript text styles correctly. 
  • Changed : Style property for "width" now allows changes in 1% steps instead of 5% in Design Html Stylesheets and in Inline Styles Dialog. 
  • Changed : Font-size is no longer set for "document" and "figures" in Design Html Stylesheets for the start-up and for the bundled stylesheets1 to 4. 
  • Added : A new selector "images in figures" is added in Design Html Stylesheets, so that these images can be styled independently from generic images. 
  • Fixed : few bugs.