Wednesday, November 6, 2013

ConstEdit v1.11.0100 is here.

ConstEdit is upgraded to version 1.11.0100. This version aims mainly at fixing the issues when working with Internet Explorer 11. Please download it from the Download Page. Here is the change log :

  • This version of ConstEdit supports only Internet Explorer 11 or above. Internet Explorer 10 is no longer supported.
  • Minor changes to some tooltip wordings.
  • The latest version of ILProtector is used, which is version 2.0.11.
  • These issues of the previous version of ConstEdit, when working with Internet Explorer 11 (please refer to the previous post of 19Oct2013 for more details), have been fixed :
    • Mouse right-click didn't work to open the contextmenu for html documents.
    • When the PageUp/PageDown key is pressed, ConstEdit scrolled all the way to the top/bottom of the opened html document instead of performing scroll up/down by one page.
    • Input Method IME didn't work properly.
    • When pasting images from the clipboard, the pasted image may lose the link to the source file.
  • These issues of the previous version of ConstEdit have been fixed :
    • File types .htm/.html/.txt cannot be associated to ConstEdit successfully by the user in Windows 8 or above.
    • The case of ConstEdit already running in another user session simultaneously on the same machine is now handled.
    • When editing an html document, if the caret is inside a table and the Undo item from the Spellcheck Context Menu is invoked, ConstEdit may hang.
  • The supported formats for Video are now mp4 and mov. Webm is no longer supported.
  • The supported formats for Audio are now mp3, lossy m4a and mp4. Aac is no longer supported.
  • The ConstEdit Overview document is updated according to the changes.