Minimum requirements

ConstEdit is a desktop non-mobile Google Chrome web browser extension. You need to have the latest version of Google Chrome already installed in your device in order to install ConstEdit. Note that Chrome extensions cannot be set up on the mobile version of the web browser.

  • The latest stable desktop non-mobile version of Google Chrome is required.
  • ConstEdit is cross-platform, and cross-device. There is no requirements on the kind of operating system and device for ConstEdit, so long as you have a desktop Google Chrome already installed in your device. Please note that many features of ConstEdit are designed only for devices with a mouse.

Free to use for all purposes

ConstEdit is totally free to use for all purposes. All of its functionality is available to anyone without expiration.


ConstEdit is listed in Chrome Web Store. You must go to this page in Chrome Web Store to install the extension to your Chrome web browser.

Allow Access To File URLs. Don't miss out this single most important step after installing the extension to ensure the normal operation of ConstEdit : right click the ConstEdit icon on the Google Chrome toolbar > Manage extensions > locate ConstEdit > make sure that "allow access to file URLs" is checked.


The ConstEdit User Guide is available here : ConstEdit User Guide.pdf. The User Guide is also embedded in the ConstEdit extension itself and is used as the sample document for the Design Html Stylesheets function.

End User License Agreement

Please note that in all cases, by installing or by using ConstEdit on your device, it means that you understand and agree to the End User License Agreement.

Old Standalone ConstEdit

You can still download the old standalone freeware version of ConstEdit here. No registration is required.

This standalone version of ConstEdit is also listed at popular software download websites such as Softpedia, FreewareFiles, Majorgeeks and FileHippo.