Monday, May 16, 2016

ConstEdit 2.5.6 is here

ConstEdit v2.5.6 is now available. The changelog is provided here :

  1. When inserting a new section in Sections Outline View Dialog, a message box prompting for the new section title will be displayed first. The new section will then be inserted with the specified title. Previously there was no message box, and the app default standard section title was always used for the new section.
  2. The Quick-Text functionality is decommissioned, because the same convenience can also be achieved by defining your quick-text in Auto-Convert Mapping.
    • If you have already defined your quick-text into ConstEdit, you will need to manually re-define these into Auto-Convert Mapping. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. 
    • Please note that because Auto-Convert Mapping is only for html documents, there is no quick-text replacement function for plain text files.
  3. The Auto-Capitalization algorithm has been enhanced to handle cases with Chinese punctuations.  
  4. The Erase All Table Styles function is enhanced so that
    • If there are no table-cells being selected, all inline styles for the table together with all of its child table elements will all be erased. This is the same treatment as in previous versions.
    • If there are selected table cells, then only the inline styles of these table cells will be erased.
  5. The Erase All Font Styles function is enhanced so that
    • If there are no table-cells being selected, all font styles of the currently selected text will be erased.
    • If there are selected table cells, then the font styles of all text inside the selected table cells will be erased. 
  6. Bugs fixed,
    • For Delete action in Sections Outline View Dialog, you can now choose to cancel the action in the warning message box. Formerly, there is no option to cancel.
    • In some rare situations, Paste action was not performed successfully.
    • In some rare situations, with the caret being placed at the beginning of a word, the Convert Case action was not performed successfully for the word.
    • Toggle Alternating Row Color did not cause the document to be flagged as Modified.
    • The app could terminate abnormally at start-up, when there were other apps starting up and there were keyboard inputs from another app at the same time.
    • Auto-Select for Cut and Copy selected the whole table when the caret was inside a table caption or inside a table cell. Only the text of the table caption or the table cell is now selected. Auto-Select works for Cut and Copy to automatically select the current paragraph if no text is being selected.

Please get it from the download page.