Thursday, January 21, 2021

ConstEdit Word Processor 3.0 is available

In this upgrade, all file input / output actions are totally revamped. The "Downloads" api is no longer used and is replaced by the new File System Access api which enables saving files directly to the local disk without going through the Downloads Folder.

  • Changed. Open File, Recent Files, Save File, Save As File, Close File options have been rewritten to use the File System Access api for input / output operations directly from / to the local disk.
    • Ctrl+s shortcut key is provided to save the current document to the local disk immediately without going through any dialog.
  • Changed. The extension now requires Chrome 86 or above. The latest version as of this time is 88. There will be no issue if you are following the upgrade of your web-browser normally.
  • Changed. There can be only 1 editor tab with only 1 opened document, and only 1 Html Stylesheets Dialog tab.
  • Changed. For security reasons, as a result of switching to the File System Access api, these aspects of working with the word processor is affected :
    • You will be prompted by the web-browser to grant the permission for editing during the opening of all html documents.
    • The word processor won't be able to extract any local URL info from the opened documents. This lacking of URL info results in the following limitations :
      • Links with relative URLs are no longer supported; e.g. images with relative links won't be displayed successfully.
        • But because all links as inserted by ConstEdit are absolute by default, this limitation would not cause any problem normally, unless you have performed some conversions to relative links deliberately.
        • You may therefore need to make use of the "Convert URL to Absolute / Relative" function to convert all previously converted relative links back to absolute.
      • At the first start up of ConstEdit after this upgrade, you will be prompted with the End User License Agreement notice and all Recent Files records from the previous version will be wiped out.
      • Only file name info will be available in the new Recent Files list, not the full location path. Beware of files with duplicated file names. These files would be treated as the same file by the word processor.
  • Changed. The "Convert URL to Absolute / Relative" function now requires the end user to specify a location URL which the conversion will be based on.
  • Changed. Options Page in Manage Extension is replaced by Options Dialog from the File sub-menu.
  • Removed. Auto-save at regular intervals.
  • Removed. User template for new html documents.
  • Fixed. Some code clean up to improve performance.
  • Fixed. Several minor bugs.