Monday, August 28, 2023

Writing Assistance & Split Screen Mode of Microsoft Edge

Writing Assistance

If you are using ConstEdit in Microsoft Edge, you can now enjoy these features when editing with ConstEdit: text prediction, enhanced grammar, spell-checking, style suggestions and synonyms suggestions. You simply need to go to Microsoft Edge Settings > Languages > Writing Assistance, and choose those features that you would like to enable to assist your writing. Note that in using some of these features, text typed inside ConstEdit may be sent to the Microsoft cloud service by Microsoft Edge to provide such functionality.

split screen mode

ConstEdit is compatible with the new Split Screen mode of Microsoft Edge. You just have to start ConstEdit first before activating the Split Screen mode (by clicking the Split Screen icon on the address bar). During my testing, ConstEdit works totally normally in the split screen. However, there is a scenario which ConstEdit is not designed for: two simultaneous editing sessions of ConstEdit can be opened.

When you activate the Split Screen mode after starting ConstEdit, ConstEdit will be placed at the left pane. On the right pane, you can see that ConstEdit is available in the list of "Tabs you've opened". From this list you'll be able to open another session of ConstEdit, alongside with the first session on the left. ConstEdit however seems to be still working properly in the second session. The only drawback will be that you may end up with the editing in one session overwritten by the editing in the other, if you have opened the same document for editing at both sides with ConstEdit. If you have not opened the same document, my testing shows that ConstEdit is actually working well in both sessions in the split screen.

The Split Screen mode is especially handy when you need to edit a document with ConstEdit while referencing to another document or to another webpage at the other side of the split screen.

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