Tuesday, December 3, 2019

ConstEdit Word Processor is updated to 1.3.7

Here are the changes of this update :

  • Fixed and Changed. Since Chrome 78, the filename extension of the auto-backup file from the Auto-Save action is changed by Chrome automatically from the default ".htm_backup" to ".html". This fix sets the auto-saved filename to the original filename. No more suffix is appended to the extension part of the filename.
    • Note that, as a result of the change, if you are keeping your documents in the Download Folder of Chrome, your original documents will be over-written without any warnings by the Auto-Save action.
  • Fixed. The paragraph containing the last input position of the last editing session is designed to be selected automatically when the document is reopened the next time. In previous versions, an incorrect paragraph may be highlighted in some cases.
  • Changed. Auto-capitalization is enhanced to handle some more cases.

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