Monday, October 30, 2017

ConstEdit extension is launched

ConstEdit has been rewritten as a Google Chrome web browser extension. You can now use ConstEdit on almost all operating systems, whether it be Windows, Linux or Android, with almost any devices, as long as you have Google Chrome web browser already installed on your device. 

Free Trial PeriodConstEdit is no longer freeware. You have a 31-days free trial period, during which you have full access to all functionality provided by the word processor. After that, you have to pay for a Full License in order to continue to perform the Save action. Please go to the Download page to see more details on the arrangement, and for the links to the ConstEdit page in Chrome Web Store. The old standalone freeware version of the software is still available for download from the Download page. 

Function-wise the ConstEdit extension is not much different from the old version. A brief comparison is nevertheless shown here for your reference :

  • ConstEdit extension is not dependent on Windows operating system and on the Microsoft .Net Framework.
  • Editing of plain text files is no longer supported. Only html documents can be edited with ConstEdit extension. 
  • These html editing functions are no longer supported : word count, drag-and-drop-copy of section in Sections Structure Dialog, rectangular table cell selection, resizer to resize images/tables by dragging, relative links.
  • File IO is more clumsy due to more security & privacy restrictions, as a result of working on a web-browser platform; you actually have even more data security and privacy protection than before. Please see the Limitations page for more details. 
  • New style properties are supported (column-count, vertical text, max-width), while some are taken away (background image style properties); the bundled stylesheets are newly designed.
  • Technically the new ConstEdit has a much cleaner code base and much simpler design than before, which means hopefully less prone to programming errors.
  • The new ConstEdit is more responsive in terms of performance. 

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