Limitations of the current version of ConstEdit
  • Only an English user interface UI is provided by the current version of ConstEdit. But this does not pose any limitation to the language of the document content. Practically any languages supported by the operating system are supported by ConstEdit for editing and for file input/output operations.
  • The application may not work correctly if it is run with the Low Integrity Level of Windows. ConstEdit assumes that an integrity level of Medium is used, which is the Windows system default.
  • Auto-capitalization and auto-convert for html documents are designed for the left-to-right layout direction. Also these functions are not language-specific. They may not work satisfactorily for non-English languages, especially when the input direction is right-to-left.
  • Some symbols used in the Insert Symbols function may not be displayed correctly for certain system fonts, though should be ok for most of them.
  • For security reasons, any references from an html document on a network drive to a resource (e.g. stylesheets, images) on a local hard disk is ignored. So if you are editing a document that is placed on a network, make sure that all resources referenced by the document are placed on the network too.

Known issues of the current version of ConstEdit
  • none, at the moment