Wednesday, December 16, 2015

ConstEdit update 2.5.2

ConstEdit v2.5.2 is now available. The changelog is here :

  • A new button is added to the Text Toolbar of html to facilitate translating the currently selected text with Google Translate. (Google Translate is a registered trademark of Google Inc.) The selected text is passed to the Google Translate webpage through your default browser, to translate to the specified language of your choice.
  • The user guide is updated accordingly.
  • Several minor bugs are fixed. 

Please go to the download page to get it.


  1. Hi, regarding:

    For security reasons, any references from an html document on a network drive to a resource (e.g. stylesheets, images) on a local hard disk is ignored. So if you are editing a document that is placed on a network, make sure that all resources referenced by the document are placed on the network too.
    Links to resources that are specified in element inline style properties (e.g. background image), are not converted to relative even though the Use Relative Links checkbox in File Menu is checked. Absolute links are always used for links within inline styles.

    If I post the HTML file does your app include all associated images or media items within? For example, if your comment allowed upload file, then I would upload the HTML to you, would you be able to view it with all the items?


    1. Hi Jon,

      An html file is basically a plain text file. It contains only the links to images but not the image files themselves. So in order to view the images successfully, you need to make sure that these image files are available in the desktop environment of the receiver. That usually won't be a problem in a business environment in which users share resources from network drives or from the cloud.

      In your example, if you send me only the html file, I won't be able to see the images. Either you send me the images also and then I set up the same directory structure in my desktop as in the links in the html, or as a much better way of sharing documents, you send me a pdf file by exporting from the html document with ConstEdit.

      Hope that this answers your query. Thanks for commenting.


      Francis Shum
      ConstEdit Software