Monday, March 12, 2018

Voice Typing is now available in ConstEdit 1.2

Voice Typing is the major feature of this upgrade. 

  • A new button is added to the editor toolbar to start / stop Voice Typing. You also select your spoken language here for the speech recognition. 
  • Note that you may be prompted with a message to grant permission to the extension for accessing your microphone. 
  • The Voice Typing capability is enabled by a speech recognition service of Google Inc, which requires an internet connection to work with. Voice Typing works only when your web-browser is connected to the internet.
  • The list of languages is retrieved from your setup in Chrome > Settings > Advanced > Languages. Make sure that you have set up your preferred languages properly so that your choice of spoken languages appears in the list.
  • The recognized text is inserted at the current input position of the document. Note that the maximum duration of a voice typing session is approximately 5 minutes. The session will end by itself when the maximum duration is reached or when no speech is detected. 

Other changes of this release :

  • Fixed : Remove Table Column now handles jagged tables correctly.
  • Fixed : Paste Plain Text no longer trims away leading and trailing white-spaces from the pasted text.
  • Fixed : Options Page of the extension is now scrollable in Chrome version 65.

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