Wednesday, February 7, 2018

ConstEdit 1.1 is here

ConstEdit v1.1 is implemented earlier than initially expected, before instead of after Chinese New Year. Here is the changelog :

  • New : relative url's are now supported. An on-request conversion option is provided to convert all url's in the current document to absolute or relative selectively, with respect to the url of the document.
    • Only the "src" and "href" element attributes are converted; url's in inline styles and in <style> elements are ignored because ConstEdit does not support any functionality to input such url's. 
    • Note that new url's, e.g. url's in newly inserted images and links, are all inserted as absolute by ConstEdit. 
  • New : a new option to cycle through title-case, upper-case, and lower-case is added with shortcut key ctrl+shift+f3.
  • Changed : the performance of auto-convert actions during edit is improved. Note that when the auto-convert mapping is changed in the Options Page, the changes in the mapping are not reflected in already-opened documents immediately; the changes will become effective only after the document is reopened. 
  • Changed : the Sections Structure Dialog button is now more prominent; its tooltip is changed to make it more clear that it is used for adding and removing sections. 
  • Changed : shortcut keys ctrl+] and ctrl+[ are added for Paragraph Indent / Outdent. 
  • Changed : shortcut keys ctrl+shift+] and ctrl+shift+[ are added for Move Paragraph Down / Up.
  • Fixed : the first edit action after performing a Save did not trigger the display of the "modified" indicator on the web-browser tab; subsequent edit actions are all ok. 

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