Monday, August 22, 2016

ConstEdit 2.6 is here

ConstEdit v2.6 is released. The changelog is as follows :

  • The bundled XULRunner is upgraded to v41.0.
  • Text on toolbars no longer look blurry and distorted. They are now rendered normally at all application window widths.
  • You can now click on the icon at the left hand side of any toolbar to hide it.
  • Translate button is removed from the Text toolbar, and placed into the context menu (right-click menu). The Translate Language is set up through a new item in the Settings Menu.
  • The title of the current section is now shown in the mouse-over tooltip of the Go-to-section button in the Find And Replace Toolbar.  
  • In previous versions, there is a limitation that links to resources, which are specified in element inline style properties (e.g. background image), are not converted to relative even though the Use Relative Links checkbox in File Menu is checked. Absolute links are always used for links within inline styles. This limitation is now fixed. Links in inline styles are converted in accordance with the Use Relative Links setting.
  • Resizing of objects such as tables, images and figures can now be undone and redone with one single step. Previously, numerous undo or redo steps must be taken in order to revert back to the desired state.
  • Bug fixed. The Font Size buttons on Text Toolbar have stopped working since v2.5. They are now replaced by a single Font Size button for you to apply a relative font size to the selected text.
  • Several minor bugs are also fixed.
  • The User Guide has been updated to reflect all the above changes.
  • The End User License Agreement EULA is changed to update on the download link of XULRunner.

New license fee

Starting from this version, the license fee for using the app for business purposes is revised to US$50 per computer.

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