Saturday, May 10, 2014

ConstEdit v1.11.2000 Is Available

ConstEdit v1.11.2000 is now available. This version concentrates on increased usability while making the app more suitable for use in a business environment by providing support for relative links. You may download it from the Download Page as usual. Here is the changelog :
  • It has been verified that there is no impact of Windows 8.1 Update to ConstEdit.
  • ConstEdit is now signed with a Verisign Certificate. You should not see any Windows SmartScreen warning anymore.
  • You can now mid-button click (besides double-click) on the unused space of the main menu bar to create a new file tab or mid-button-click (besides double-click) on a file tab to close it.
  • A "Check For Updates" item is added to the Settings Menu.
    • The new item allows you to perform an on-request checking for updates. An internet connection is required.
    • If you enable the "Automatic" checkbox on the item, a checking for updates will be done automatically at each application startup. This option is enabled by default. 
  • The Document Properties dialog function on the Document Toolbar is enhanced.
    • The Html Title is now shown and can be changed in the Dialog. The "Title" button is removed from the Document Toolbar.
    • The dialog now shows the html Base Element in the document, if any.
  • The Open Recent Files actions have been enhanced.
    • You can specify to open any of the recent-files as read-only selectively.
    • ConstEdit now stores the last viewing/editing positions of documents. The next time the document is opened, it is brought back to the same position so that you can start working immediately from where you stopped. The last position is stored only for files in the recent-files list. The restored position may not be correct if the application window has been resized. Note that this functionality is applicable only to standards mode html documents as well as plain text files.
  • Relative links are now supported for both read and write actions.
    • Using relative links is a better option in a company environment where documents are shared by users on different machines. In this case relative links remain the same to all users, as long as the relative structure of the file system remains the same across these machines. Absolute links to the same resources however can be different in different machines. Using relative links increases the portability of documents.
    • A "Use Relative Links" item is added to the File Menu, which is enabled by default. When this option is enabled, all links to local resources in the document are converted to relative during save. When it is disabled, no conversion will be done (note that in this case any relative links pre-existing in the document will not be converted back to absolute during save).
    • A "Use Relative Links" item is added to  the Actions Menu of the Design Html StyleSheet Dialog, which is enabled by default. When this option is enabled, all links to local resources in the stylesheet are converted to relative during save. When it is disabled, all links to local resources will be saved as absolute in the saved stylesheet. 
    • Links to the internet are not converted in all cases.
    • ConstEdit no longer supports opening html documents with Base elements to edit.
      • This is because Base element causes confusion in the interpretation of relative links.
      • When an html file containing a Base element is opened for editing, a dialog will be prompted for the user to make a decision : EITHER to remove the Base element automatically from the file and then reopen to edit OR to reopen the file as read-only.
  • There are minor changes in wordings in some tooltips and menu-items.
  • There are minor cosmetic changes to the user interface.
  • These bugs are fixed.
    • Some links are rejected in the Hyperlink dialog even though they are valid.
    • Go To Bookmark function in the Find And Replace Toolbar now shows all bookmarks as well as all element id's within the document, instead of just showing bookmarks.
    • Line-breaks are now removed from the text produced from the Copy Html function, which are causing unnecessary line-breaks when the html code is pasted to some blog authoring tools.

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